The hidden joys of day-to-day life

“If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.”
– Chinese proverb


via Daily Prompt: Hidden

The word hidden, to me, is usually associated with bad things. I was trying to get inspired to write about the word and only bad topics came to mind. Hidden feelings, hidden agendas, hidden truths… Even hidden treasures seemed not so positive. If something is hidden, it’s not used, and possessions for the sake of possession is something that, nowadays, I avoid.

My friend asked me why wouldn’t I write about the hidden little joys that are waiting to happen that turn our days better and happier and it made perfect sense.

Some years ago I watched the movie “About Time”, where the main character had the ability to travel back in time to any point of his life. He realized that when he had a bad day, if he relived it, things wouldn’t look as bad. Sometimes a crappy day before turned into a good day only after his view shifted. This really changed my life. I have a bad temper, and I lost it frequently (mostly to myself). I was very often grumpy and frustrated because bad things happened. The tire was flat, my computer broke down, I burned the meal it took hours to prepare, it was too hot, it was too cold. Life was insufferable and I was the victim of it. Needless to say, this was a horrible way to live, especially since I really like to live. I like to experience things, to travel, meet new people, try new food, try a new hobby, or simply go for a long walk in the woods (this was probably my description on dating sites!). It hit me how out of synch my attitude and my essence were. I am a super positive person and I was having a super negative reaction.

Around that time I started doing yoga, and that philosophy of life was always there, the fact that life happens but how we perceive it is the main reason for what type of life we have.

Nowadays I still get grumpy and upset (otherwise I would reconsider if I am human) , but it is so much easier to push it aside and embrace what happens and even find joy and happiness in things that before would be another stone in my path.

If my car breaks, it is an opportunity for me to learn a little more about mechanics and to be with my father when I have to take it to the autoshop. If I lose something it is a good time to evaluate if I really need it, and if so, I have the chance to get something even better. If I burn the food while cooking it’s time for a lesson in how to cook quickly with whatever is on the fridge. If something at works turns terribly it’s a chance to do an even better job.

Of course, some things in life are simply horrible, but give in to despair doesn’t help. That being said, when something is so bad we can’t handle, help and a night of self comiseration and a bottle of wine can be a good prescription.

The most important thing that came to that change of view was the fact that I got much more open to little experiences that brighten my day.

Last month I went to the library looking for a Swedish crime novel. It wasn’t there so I sort of stand there scratching my head and thinking what to do, while before I would probably curse and leave. The librarian that works there asked if I needed help and I explained. He checked and confirmed that the book wasn’t available at the time, but that wasn’t a problem because he, such as myself, is addicted to Nordic crime novels and showed me a bunch of author and books that I didn’t know existed. I was so happy with the exchange of words between us that I left the library with a big big smile.

This may seem like something meaningless, but these hidden joys shifted my life for the better. A simple (but difficult) change of mind completely changed my life. Today, with the help of a friend I even got to change the word hidden from a negative word to a positive one.

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