“Travel broadens the mind.”
– Italian proverb


via Daily Prompt:Lust

To travel is one of my favorite things in the world. I have a severe case of wanderlust, ever since I was as small as 5. I remember watching a TV contest and thinking, for the first time what I would do if I was rich, and the answer came to me straight away: travel!

I like the destination, to know new cultures, see new places, do things I couldn’t do at home, try new foods, meet different people, but I also enjoy the trip itself. My father was a truck driver for most of my young years, and I would go with him very often, especially during the holidays. There was this ride that he once in a while had to do, that was the biggest one that his route took, almost 300 km, to Miranda do Douro. Since it was a long ride and not quite often, I remember I even missed class once or twice to go with him. I slept A LOT. The truck had a bed and I would sleep for hours, rocked by the bumps of the roads. When I started reading I educated myself to be able to not get nauseous and read while in the car. I even used to say that I only got nauseous if I had to walk, ahah, funny Miss McDumb. I would talk with my father (which I think was one of the reasons that got me way closer to him than to my mom), play the silly game of counting the number of figure tiles along the way, or sing along to the radio. Maybe because of this I enjoy travel the noun, but also the verb. I get excited to go on a plane, and don’t get me started on going on a boat!

Until I started making my own money I only traveled within borders. Our family would take vacation on our family VW van across Portugal, sleeping anywhere, going everywhere. After that I started taking vacations in Europe. Small, cheap ones, but awesome. The desire to travel mixed with the low income got me to try to get the better budget wise options, which included a lot of research, staying always at hostels, and the occasional couchsurfing. These last two options are great if you want to meet new people, and if you travel solo and are in need of some company for the day, it’s easier to not be so alone.

Along my travels, and over time, I realized that people from different cultures, even though they have some differences in their day-to-day habits, or even in their collective mind set, at their core, they are nothing more or less than people. Some good, some bad, some better, some worse. I have noticed, however, that two things are transverse to everyone I met along the way. Basically, there are two things that people want in this life. The first is, obviously, to get laid. Boys, girls, young or old, sex is something that makes life more fun and everyone likes to have some. The second one, almost every time, is easier to get than sex (and sadly sometimes better), and I think I can honestly say that what brings humanity together is nothing more than beer.

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