You shouldn’t mess with people’s health, man.

“The cheap things prove to be expensive at the end.”
– Portuguese proverb


via Daily Prompt: Substandard

I started taking the birth pill when I was 14, not as a contraceptive, but to regulate my hormones that were making me look like a hybrid of Big Foot and the Creature of the Black Lagoon. That was a plus when I eventually started my sexual life, since I avoided the awkward talk with the family about needing to go to the doctor for planned parenthood purposes. Gladly, no bad decisions came from the fact I had it easy on that matter, only from the fact that I make bad decisions because I tend to not make decisions at all, I just go with the flow and trust my gut, which is a sucker that betrays me very often out of a whim.

Two years ago I stopped taking the birth pill. I was taking it for 16 years already and I just felt it was enough. I didn’t have a partner, I was constantly forgetting to take it, and, most of all, the emotional toll it was taking on me was very high. I had bad bad PMS, that made me feel like killing me. Now I just feel like murdering someone, which I feel is an improvement.

Aside that, one thing that made me star to consider to quit was the fact that the doctor had to change the brand I took all the time due to the fact that the health care system was changing the available brands for free. One of those times the doctor prescribed a no brand pill, the equivalent of the one I was taking before, considering it would be a lesser change than to switch to another brand, yet again. I used for quite some time. It was during the summer I was finishing my master thesis, so Hell was unleash on my head anyway, so I didn’t notice too much on the psychological side. However, I started to have a real bad, painful, life threatening diarrhea. After the second month I noticed that it was always after I took the whole box of pills and right before my period, which couldn’t be a coincidence. I went back to the doctor, which was a new doctor now. She basically said to me that the lab that produced that pill was the shittiest of labs. The measurements of the components were very often wrong, the components were of dubious quality (and probably one of them was giving me an allergy), and she believed that the ratio of newborns in Portugal was going to increase since the planed parenthood started giving that pill to women. Believe me or not, three weeks after that, a girl on Facebook was giving away two boxes of that pill because she was no longer in need of them since she was, you guessed, pregnant.

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