Between birth and death it’s just a jiffy.

“Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.”
– Danish proverb


via Daily Prompt: Jiffy

I always liked vampires. Yes, they are glamorous and mysterious, but what attracted me the most was their immortality. Since I was a child that I struggle with the ephemeral aspect of life, particularly mine.

I am not really worried about what happens after death. I have always believed that when we die there is nothing after. That puts a lot of pressure on life itself. If this is it, and since it’s such an opportunity, since there is so much to do in the world, so many people to love, so many new things to experience, and so much beauty in life, nature and the universe, that I honestly believe that surpasses all the mean, ill, and evil, how will we be able to live everything we want to in a span of 70 years (if we’re lucky enough to get old with good physical and mental health)?

Choices are to be made, but it is not simple, like most choices. Ask me to choose between pasta and pizza and I have a soul wreching dilemma that keeps me wondering if the other option would suit my stomach better. We want to have fun, but we have to have a job for money if we want other things in life. We want time out with friends, but our body needs rest to work properly, etc.

With a life full of quandaries, rationality and thoughtful decisions must be restrained, in order to keep our mental sanity, to the truly important and meaningful matters of life, like getting married, having children, changing jobs. The small day-to-day questioning must be decided by the gut. I heard once that we have a micro brain in our gut, so we might as well put it to work.

About our short time here, nothing to do about it besides making it the most enjoyable, kind, and loving, because even if I don’t (yet, at least) believe we return, I believe that everything and everyone is connected. One is the all, and to be the best to us, to others, and to the planet is the best we can achieve.

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