Born in 1984, in a city by the sea in Portugal. I currently work restoring old tiles but I had many jobs thoughout life, mostly customer service. I like to paint, to draw, to watch movies and series, to read, and foremost to travel.

There are important loves in my life, both human and animal, who, everyday, help me realize who I want and don’t want to be.

I used to swim, but then I got old and injuried so I don’t do it as much nowadays. I do some yoga, and I tried to be a faithful customer of the gym (and failed miserably).

My mother gave me a bad temper as inheritance but I have made my life mission to, at least, tone it down to just a mild grumpiness (not only because of others, but also for myself).

This blog comes from the need to take my thoughts out of my head and, I admit, writing on paper is less practical (laziness is also one my attributes). I used to have an online journal, for over 9 years, but suddenly (not so suddenly), I’m not the person I was, and a clean slate for my drivel seemed appropriate.